Illamasqua’s Speckled Nails!

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You know me, I usually go for very plain, nude nails. I’m not one for any type of glitter or, really, much colour. I like coral shades and really hot orangey-reds, but apart from that I do tend to stick to taupe, putty and pretty barely-there nude nail varnishes. It’s rather a surprise, then, that I’ve fallen head over heels for this crazy Illamasqua polish from the spring collection. It has random flecks of metallic blue in a pink/lilac base and it makes each nail look a little bit like a mini-egg. I can’t stop looking at my fingertips!

The polish (this shade name is Scarce but there are five in total) is part of Illamasqua’s spring makeup collection, called I’mperfection. (Imperfection/I’m Perfection. Geddit? They’re clever with their marketing ideas, are Illamasqua.) It was an absolute cinch to apply – it looked absolutely perfect after just two quick coats and they were touch-dry within a minute. So far I’m on day four of wear and there’s only a small chip on one finger. That was caused by opening a can of baked beans! I’m going to come back to this post when I’ve removed the polish, just so that I can let you know how easy (or not) it is to take off. I’ll pop an update in the comments. Verdict so far, though, is that this is probably one of the best quality polishes I have ever used – the application, finish and wear is just superb.

The Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polishes are limited edition and cost £14.50 – you can find them online at

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