I'm in Bavaria…

ruth crilly this model lifeHello from Bavaria! No, I didn’t know I was going there either. But here I am! Such is the life of a model. I’m writing this at the above desk; obviously I couldn’t take a picture of the desk and myself at the same time because my arms aren’t long enough, so you’ll have to just take my word for it.

It’s nearly 1am and I have to be up at 6.30am – up and ready and into the location van – so I’ll be quick with this, otherwise I’ll look like a haggard old witch in the morning! The model in the room next door is drying her hair with the world’s noisiest hairdryer so it’s not as though I’d get straight off to sleep anyway.

What was I even going to write about? I can’t remember now! Setting up camp. Yes, that’s it. I have with me my little MacBook Air, my iPhone, a bottle of water, my earplugs, and really I have to say that there’s little else that I require. The WiFi is free and fast, the room is reasonably warm (although it has no soundproofing whatsoever) and the hotel is safe from vagabonds and vampires. One hopes.

A pretty pointless post for you, sorry about that. I suppose I’m just touching base and letting you all know where I’ve got to – I may be a bit absent from Twitter until next week! Tomorrow I’m shooting in a castle, apparently, and with four other models. I get the feeling that it’ll be a very long and tiring day, but I have my trusty Ugg boots and my Marc Jacobs parka (carelessly slung over the chair in the photograph!) with me to keep me warm on location, and my Kindle to keep me occupied in quieter moments.

I shall try to get some good ‘behind the scenes in Bavaria’ pictures for you, but for now, Goodnight!

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