It’s All In The (Golden) Detail…

ysl logo monogram nude handbag

I’ve had so many comments about this photograph – it was just a little picture for my lookbook (see full post here), but the pale beige bag and the soft golden details seem to have won a few hearts! I really like gold against my skin tone, it just feels very warm and sexy. In my twenties, I preferred cool tones, hence the platinum wedding band/engagement ring, but as I migrated into my thirties I started to admire all things gold. Like a greedy, non-feathered magpie.

The Yves Saint Laurent bag was a Christmas present from Mr AMR. I have to say, he does have very good taste in bags, and over the course of our fifteen year relationship he’s bought me some crackers. (Good bags, not crispy biscuits you eat with cheese.) In fact, every single bag he’s chosen has been a bit of a classic and I still use two of them on an almost daily basis. (Some of the lesser-used are “vintage” Mulberry, from the olden days when they used very thick, heavy leather and styles came in three shades: black, light brown, dark brown! Blimey, that used to give me a workout when I was trekking about London going to castings – I reckon my bag must have weighed about the same as me. My model portfolio was like a coffee table book and then I had to carry my spare shoes, reading material, makeup bag, the requisite two litre bottle of water, my pouch containing gold bullion…)

ysl monogram poudre bag

Where was I? Yes, the YSL Monogram bag. A beautiful pale beige shade (“poudre“?) that is no doubt going to get dirty within the first three proper uses – I’m considering wrapping it in some cling-film, like they do with your suitcases in the airport. I love this particular version of the Monogram because it has gold detailing and I just have a bit of a thing for gold chains and hardware on bags, rather than silvery details. It looks great with the pale beige leather, too. I don’t think that you can get this exact bag anymore, but please correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve been searching for ages! I think that this is the same bag but in black*, and this is the same colour* but in a smaller size bag. (Bag experts, please wade in – I don’t actually know whether I’ve even got the style name of my bag right!)

bvlgari ring

The shoes are from LK Bennett (Cecilia, here* – use code NEWSHOES10 for 10% off, see this post for details and T&Cs); I had described them as “Grecian Goddess meets Studio 54”, or similar, but an Instagram follower uttered the words “Wonder Woman” and that was that. They are now my Wonder Woman Shoes. They’re a great heel height and, if you prefer something that fastens around the ankle rather than an open court style, this shape doesn’t cut the legs off and make them shorter, which can be a major ankle-strap drawback.

jewellery bvlgari ring

Finally, my ring is from Bvlgari. I’m going to make a video about this ring, because it’s quite special – Mr AMR found it in Hatton Gardens (a whole lane in East London that’s filled with jewellers’ shops) – but suffice to say, for now, that there was a big reason behind its purchase. I have absolutely no idea what the style name is – again, any enthusiasts out there, please do let me know in the comments if you can shed any light – but I’d describe it as a sort of “knitted” yellow gold band inset with lots of tiny diamonds. It’s possibly my favourite possession, but since I first had it my fingers have slimmed down – it’s a bit big and I’m petrified of losing it. So I rarely wear it; I must take it to a specialist and see if there’s some sort of fix…

There – my golden accessories. I’ve been scouring the internet for similar shiny morsels, if you’re interested – my picks are below. I rather enjoyed doing a bit of fantasy shopping! Maybe I should reinstate my Weekly Window Shop feature – what do you think?

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