My apple earphone rant continues…

The wonderful SiGod (until now anonymous reader but SO glad he popped his head above the parapet! I assume he’s a he….SiGod are you a he?) has put together this amazing iWarning sticker for me. It made me laugh so much that I simply had to put it up here! Please do feel free to print it off and stick to the front of your paperback novel or the back of your iPad at exactly the moment a person with annoying sound-leaking earphones sits opposite you!

Please may I add to the list of rubbish earphones those type that seem to have a huge doubly-bulbous ear part? They kind of look like a fat wasp with engorged abdomen and head? Because I have not seen a single person who has managed to actually push these earphones properly into their ears! The whole thing sits outside of the ear canal thus sending the soundwaves – yes – out into the air.

Rant over. Feel free to distribute the anti-apple flyers to your nearest and dearest – perhaps we can get one printed up all over the front page of the Metro. Chance would be a fine thing!

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