Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemakers – Win a Choo Wardrobe!

(Just a bit of gratuitous shoe porn for you there!) 

Today, Jimmy Choo launch their 24:7 Stylemakers website. For anyone who’s into their fashion, likes to be inventive with their styling or simply loves nosing about in other people’s wardrobes, Stylemakers is going to be an absolute DREAM!

The website is an interactive gallery of glossy fashion pics uploaded by women around the world that you can browse and then share or save any looks that you find inspirational or fancy copying. Jimmy Choo categorise each photo and make suggestions for their own products that might be similar or work well with the outfit shown and then you can browse or shop for those products if you’re feeling spendy!

The best part is that ANYONE can upload their photo! (Perhaps Auntie Marge in her dressing gown and rollers might not pass moderation, Choo are trying to keep it quite Vogue-ish and chic!) You just login at www.choo247.com and upload to the gallery, then you can share your look on Instagram or Twitter or what have you. If you post your photo before June 6th 2012, you’ll be entered to win a Choo 24:7 Wardrobe.

Be still my beating heart.

Yes, I said a CHOO WARDROBE! (N.B. not an actual wardrobe, as in the thing that you can climb into and pop out the other side into the land of Narnia. There’s no Mr Tumnus where Jimmy Choo’s involved!) A 24:7 wardrobe consists of SIX pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes and a bag. Whoo. Yes please.

If you fancy having a go at being the most stylish uploader, pop on over:


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