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If you’re going to wear shades in the winter then I say: make them count. I’m rather an apologetic wearer of sunglasses – I wear them only when I absolutely need to. Plenty of people I know like to pop them on at all hours, sometimes even indoors (the mind boggles) but I’m very much an ‘if it’s sunny, put them on, if it’s dull, you look like a poser’ type of person. Although, saying that, they are brilliant and entirely necessary if you have a stonking hangover and have to make an appearance somewhere and look non-dead. (See Audi Polo.)

These babies from Jimmy Choo – the Flash sunglasses – are about as unapologetic as they get. There’s no halfway house here. You don’t wear these sunglasses: they wear you. Look at the box they come in:

Jimmy Choo Autumn 2013 Collection Flash Sunglasses

Ta-da! Very festive. These are part of the new Autumn/Winter collection as modelled by Nicole Kidman – you can see some of the images on the website, link below.

Jimmy Choo Autumn 2013 Collection Flash Sunglasses

I think I’m going to try and wear my sunglasses more – I definitely squint far too much when it’s bright outside! Maybe I could save myself a few wrinkles? You can find Jimmy Choo Eyewear at jimmychoo.com

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