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Some shoe titillation for you – if you hate shoes, skip along to the next post. (You hate shoes?)  This is the 2014 Cruise Collection from Jimmy Choo and it launches later on this year. I wanted to draw your attention to a few of the styles that look distinctly comfortable and wearable – for those who normally associate Choos with teetering stiletto heels and unmanageable foot gradients, these styles may be of quite some interest!

Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014 Collection

Wedges, chunky platforms and a brand new heel height (below) that’s part retro, part Space-Age-Heiress. The mid-height heel in such a solid incarnation is a bit of a departure for Jimmy Choo, I think, but I’m guessing that it will be very popular. I can imagine gorgeous ladies wafting around Cannes or Monaco in these, wearing silk shirt dresses and carrying small dogs. Perfect for boat decks, wave-splashed sea-fronts and teetering home after one too many glasses of Rosé at the yacht club. Or for us mere mortals; perfect for cobbled streets, dodging puddles and running for the number 55 bus.

Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014 Collection

Even more practical still, these boots:

Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014 Collection

I think that the detailing on them is beautiful. The caramel-coloured suede would look amazing with bare summer legs and the gold heel is a stroke of genius!

There were lots of brilliant flats and mid-heels, all of them fabulous, but lovers of the classic Choo fear not; there were also pencil-heels and towering shoes aplenty.

Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014 Collection

I really liked the contrasting toe detail on some of the pumps – the silver toe on the black pumps, but even more so the coral toe on the white ones…

Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014 Collection

It’s a great way of adding interest to a classic shoe shape and I think that it makes the pumps look even more slender and beautiful. You could really lift a whole outfit with just this tiny detail – they’re the kind of heels you could slip on with some well-cut jeans and a classic blazer and look totally chic and polished. Gorgeous!

The Cruise Collection will launch this November.

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