JINNYlash Conditioner

jinnylash conditioner

So, following my ‘lash fiasco’ (see “a cautionary tale”), I am left with a very sparse set of eyelashes. They are about half the length as they usually are, and I’d estimate that I only have about 30% of my usual volume. A very, very poor show indeed. But I mustn’t moan, the situation being entirely self-inflicted and all. I must pick myself up, beauty-wise, and carry on.

As a model who does quite a bit of close-up beauty work, it’s kind of necessary that I have some eyelashes. Even if they’re pretty sparse and feeble, if I have a few, I can perk them up with a dod of mascara and perhaps a few falsies in the regions with the most deforestation devastation. So the aim of the game, for now, is to get those lashes a-growing and to keep what few I have in existence in tip-top shape.

Enter, stage-right, JINNYlash Conditioner. Painted on to the lash roots with the ‘liquid liner’ style brush, and combed onto the lash lengths with the ‘mascara’ style wand, the all-natural formula will strengthen and nourish the lash roots and stimulate the hair follicles. This should, with any luck, result in faster-growing, thicker, stronger lashes. The conditioners are easy to use, non-sticky, non-perfumed and don’t irritate your eyes. The mascara-typed conditioner instantly makes dried-out, brittle lashes that bit more presentable. I have been applying both forms of conditioner three times a day and I can already see a little difference in the texture of the existing lashes.

As well as the JINNYlash conditioners, I have finally started taking the Viviscal tablets that have been lurking about on my desk for the last three months. Viviscal is a natural food supplement that is supposed to decrease hair-loss and strengthen existing hair growth. I have no idea whether or not it will work on my lashes (hopefully it won’t make me grow a beard!) but I think that it’s worth a try. I’ll let you know how I get on with that particular product – I have a feeling it will be a whole other story… Other positive steps that I’ll be taking to ‘hurry up’ the lash renewing process (a lash cycle is 90 days, so this could prove to have been quite a monstrous beauty disaster all in all!): trying not to wear mascara. I know that mascara formulas these days are super-duper non-drying and so on, but I, for one, will be forgoing the old lash blackener wherever possible, using the JINNYlash conditioner in its place. I’ll perhaps chuck on a slick of eyeliner to give my peepers definition, but the lashes will be bare. I’m also stepping up my vitamin intake and going for a Well Woman typed supplement as well as my daily Sainsbury’s ‘Revive!’ fizzy tablet.

Phew. Wish I hadn’t started plucking on those lashes, I tell you! What a nightmare. Let’s hope I get my full-on natural lashes back soon – hopefully they’ll be supercharged ones, what with all these strengthening things!

JINNYlash Conditioner set (with mascara wand and brush applicator) cost £25 from JINNYlash online or in-salon.

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