Jo Malone London Blooms Collection

Jo Malone London Blooms

Last month Jo Malone launched a new collection based on very modern floral scent combinations, with a few unusual elements thrown in. There are three 100ml Colognes; Peony & Moss, White Lilac & Rhubarb and Iris & Lady Moore. I like that they have gone a bit ‘off-piste’ with these scents – the moss and the rhubarb are completely unexpected, yet they work beautifully within their respective fragrances.

I have been wearing Iris & Lady Moore and have grown really quite attached to it. It’s very floral, but not at all ‘old lady’ – it appeals to me in exactly the same way as Jo Malone’s ‘Bluebells’ does. Classic with a twist. I have actually layered it over my Bluebell cologne, too, and it’s pretty unusual. I was like a walking bouquet!

jo malone london blooms

The images shown were from the amazing boxes that Jo Malone at Harrods created for Mother’s Day – unfortunately, this post didn’t publish when it was supposed to because the site was still down, but I have left them in because I think that they’re gorgeous. If only all of our perfumes came packaged like that!

Jo Malone London Blooms

The new London Blooms colognes have quite different bottles to the classic range – really decorative and unusual. I love Jo Malone’s modern, clean styling but this is a nice change. Fresh and pretty – makes me want to buy a cottage in a forest with a thatched roof!

Iris & Lady Moore is £72 for 100ml (sounds dear but work it out per ml – it’s actually not!) from

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