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Lots of people asked for a quick tutorial on the makeup look that I wore in the “June Monthly Favourites” video, and so here it is. Unfortunately, I did quite a hatchet job of my editing and so when I went to do the voiceover, it all got a little bit crazy! You’ll see what I mean when you watch it – time keeps running away from me!

Info, as per usual, beneath the video pane, but I want to make a few little notes too. Firstly, I think that the cosmetics brand MyFace must be pulling their products out of Boots stores. The range of products online seems greatly diminished and I have had reports of stores only having very few items on the stands, with those remaining selling at a huge discount. If you see any foundation or Blingtone eyeshadow at cut-down prices then I’d recommend snapping some up – a tube of the foundation at least. It really is brilliant!

The Murad Oil-Control moisturiser (SPF15) has had a bit of a feature-frenzy recently, here on A Model Recommends, and that’s because I have grown to quite like the gluey texture that then blends out into quite a lovely, light SPF. If you want to read the original review, you can do so here, or you can find it online at FeelUnique. It’s £33 at FeelUnique and £37, as far as I can tell, everywhere else!

Last little “aside” is about the Estée Lauder Bronze Sands palette. It’s a rather lovely limited edition for Summer 2012. Though for everyday use I still prefer my Extravagant Gold Palette (Holiday 2010 Limited Edition!) the shades in the Bronze Sands really make blue eyes very, very blue. So worth picking up if you’re looking for a shadow selection that will carry you through to autumn with a bit of glamour and sparkle. I can’t find it online, and it has been out a while so may have sold out in many places, but have a check in some of your local department stores on the off-chance!

Right, on with the “show”:

Murad Oil-Control SPF15: http://tidd.ly/852bfa1

MyFace MyMix Foundation: larger Boots stores

Origins “Quick! Hide!” Concealer: http://tidd.ly/1da6488b

Estee Lauder Bronze Sands Palette: on counter

Dior Nude Tan Bronzer in Sunlight: http://tidd.ly/4a25b707

Bourjois Khaki Kohl: out soon, perhaps already in Boots!

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara: http://tidd.ly/4a00763e

Diego Della Palma Gloss, Shade 46: Tesco

Omorovicza Concealer Pencil: http://tidd.ly/d031fc42

Dior Bikini Polish: http://tidd.ly/39bed46b

Laura Mercier Eye Canvas in EC2: http://tidd.ly/65887549

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