Jurlique Rose Moisturising Cleanser

Another lovely cleanser to add to my ever-growing list – Jurlique’s Moisturising Cleanser with Rosehip Oil and an “Antioxidant Complex”. I have no idea what this Antioxidant Complex is, other than what it says on the tube – “a potent blend of ingredients designed to help protect against free radicals”. I’m always slightly skeptical about cleansers being able to do miraculous things, because they are on the skin for such a short amount of time, but whatever: I really, really like this cleanser.

You’ll have probably guessed that this product smells of roses, which means that it’s immediately appealing to me (especially as it’s the oh-so-special Jurlique rose, which is just sublime!) but the cleanser gets a good report on all fronts; texture, effectiveness, price. It’s a soft and gentle cleanser that does an adequate job of removing makeup, can be rinsed away without need for a cloth or flannel (I know that sometimes it’s nice just to rinse and go!) and leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth rather than dry and tight.

A good one if your skin is feeling a little dehydrated and tired – it claims to be a foaming cleanser but rest assured that this is nothing like a foaming cleanser. It’s more of a whipped texture than a foamy one, so don’t be scared if you have previously used a foaming cleanser that shrivelled your face into a dried-up prune. Price-wise, this comes in at a nice £16.20 with free worldwide delivery at FeelUnique.com

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