Just Sheepskin Kensington Slippers

just sheepskin kensington slippers have aged meLast night I dashed into House of Fraser in the city to collect my Just Sheepskin Kensington Slippers and I put them on pretty much straight away. Well, not actually on the tube, but as soon as I got through my front door. I still had my coat on and had my bag slung over my shoulder when I ripped open the packaging and slid my feet into the slippers!

I can categorically say that these slippers, since first wearing just over twelve hours ago, have changed me. I have no desire to take them off, indeed no desire whatsoever to even leave the house. This morning it is blindingly sunny outside; blossom covers the trees, birds sing sweetly, yet I am happy to sit at the window wearing my Kensington slippers.

They are the cushdiest, fluffiest, warmest and softest slippers I have ever owned – the best £35 I have spent in a long long time. I like the knitted cardigan on the outside of the slipper, I like the sheepskin on the inside even more!

The changing part: last night I started tutting at things. Properly tutting, not ironically tutting. I also, for the first time in ages, couldn’t be bothered to cook so we got a TAKEAWAY! We never get takeaways! (It was borderline rank.) I also watched television for one hour and thirty two minutes (a documentary about the Royal Ballet followed by something about Lily Allen) which is more television than I’d usually watch over the course of a month! Lazy slippers! Bad slippers. I love you, slippers.

Oh dear. Things could slide rapidly downhill at this rate – next time you hear from me I’ll be eating Dominos pizza from my bed, watching back-to-back re-runs of Friends on E4.

Just Sheepskin Kensington Slippers, £35 from House of Fraser.

UPDATE – now £28 here: House of Fraser


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