Cat Brush Review. Yes, I have Stooped That Low.

british shorthair grooming

Ah, you knew it would happen: a cat grooming post. I actually have a few more planned, too! People who have no interest in cats, cat-grooming or rubber nubbly brushes, look away now. There’s plenty to keep you occupied elsewhere, including (now here’s a treat!) my top-to-toe animal print tutorial which published exactly one year ago today. Miaow.

People who are interested in cat-grooming, let me introduce you to the “Cat Zoom Groom” brush from Kong. Many of you will be familiar, I’m sure, but if you’re not, then I can tell you that this is a rubbery, nubbly brush that sends Mr Bear (my cat, above) into absolute peals of ecstasy. I only have to tap it on the floor or the table and he comes running to be brushed and he’ll lie there for a good five to ten minutes having a good old time. I think it’s because the rubbery spikes act as little massaging fingers – it drives him mad and he especially loves rubbing his head and ears all over it if I leave it on the floor!

cat zoom groom review

I say that it “drives him mad”; this insinuates that it makes him more lively, but if anything, it has quite a calming effect. I can turn Mr Bear upside down on my lap (all six kilos of him and growing) and do his tummy and he’ll lie there patiently for ages with his arms and legs splayed out. I find the process really relaxing (it’s my one daily “ritual” apart from my meditation app that I use at night) and I actually look forward to it, rather than it being a chore on the to-do list.

I also own a Furminator, here, which is a much more heavy-duty piece of kit. It’s a comb that pulls out a hell of a lot of undercoat without affecting the glossy topcoat. Great for matted hair or coats that are literally unmanageable otherwise – this really sorts through it. It’s undoubtedly very efficient, but I do worry that (for Mr Bear, at least) it’s pulling out a little too much. And he doesn’t really enjoy it, either, so… The Kong Zoom Groom is the winner in our household, followed by a quick once-over with the hoover. (Yes, he likes to be hoovered.) If I didn’t think I was in danger of losing 89% of my readership, I’d do a whole video on cat grooming, but I may have to put it to a vote.

The Cat Zoom Groom is widely available – I bought mine from Amazon here. I see that it’s currently reduced to £4.49, but even at full price it’s great value. I can’t imagine it ever breaking… Oh, another brush that he likes is the de-tangling one from Michel Mercier – I’m quite sad about this as I rather liked it too, for getting through my tangles after washing my hair. I may have to wash it thoroughly and reclaim it – if you like the Tangle Teezer but wish it had a handle then this will be right up your alley. It’s about fifteen quid – find it at FeelUnique.

Non Cat People: normal service resumes tomorrow!

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