Korres Fragrance: Pepper, Jasmine, Gaiac Wood.

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Firstly, I have to say that I would never, ever have picked this fragrance out myself. We all have different things that first “attract” us to a fragrance and I do think that (for me at least) the packaging and the name of the perfume are important elements of that initial decision.

So I didn’t pick out Korres’ Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood (no punctuation, so I’m not sure how to present that properly!) but I was intrigued that a fair few people recommended it to me after my last fragrance video. I try to take note of all recommendations that come my way, but if quite a number of people say the same thing then it really catches my attention and I couldn’t ignore the enthusiastic cries that (virtually) rose up and out of my computer screen. “Oh you must try!” they wailed, “it’s out of this world!” 

So try I did, and here I sit with my little perfunctory bottle of Korres. I’m partial to a bit of Korres, if truth be known – I’m just partial to Greece, the country, full-stop. I could never get bored of lazing away my holidays there, and Korres, as the unofficial beauty brand of Greece, represents all of my olfactory Grecian memories. (Along with Diptyque, but Diptyque is French and so must butt out of this little story for now.)

Pepper, Jasmine, Gaiac Wood, then. I’d say it’s predominantly a Jasmine fragrance, but it’s prevented from being too heady or sickly by the pepper and Gaiac Wood. Very nice, actually – I can imagine packing this up for my summer holidays and giving myself a regular spritz! Because of the very simple packaging, it feels more like a bathroom product than a fine fragrance, but the lasting power is as good as any. I think that the bottle has an apothecary feel to it, with its modern font and simple white plastic cap and I adore the cardboard box that folds open flat – very eco-chic!

This is a post more fitting to the summery months,  but I’m a bit Christmassed-out at present, so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air. Roll on next year’s Greek holiday…

Korres Pepper, Jasmine & Gaiac Fragrance is £29 for 50ml with free worldwide delivery at FeelUnique.com

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