Things I Shouldn’t Have Clicked On #3,476

lk bennett jennie court shoes

Oh, I’ve just done something extremely dangerous. I didn’t know that it would be dangerous, at the time, but it turns out that it was: I clicked onto L.K. Bennett and I now want about twelve thousand things from the new collection, including the Florette shoes that I could have bought in the sales, but didn’t because I deliberated for too long. But I won’t make the same mistake again – I have my eye on the “Jennie” colour block courts in black and white (photographed above and online here), and I’m planning to buy them in town when I pop in later! Don’t you think that they are so gorgeously eighties? Not everyone’s favourite sartorial decade, I’ll admit, but I do love a bit of two-tone footwear. I’m attending the Brit Awards next week…these could be perfect with a little black dress and a leather jacket chucked over the top for a rock ‘n roll vibe, don’t you think?

lk benett fae lizard shoes

And check out the “Fae” dotted numbers (here) – they look dotty close-up but from a normal distance are so clean and light, like a pale neon tangerine colour. They’d look amazing with a summer-jeans-and-a-light-cashmere-jumper scenario, or little smart dress and sun-kissed legs… (Can’t even imagine there being any sun ever again, ever.)

lk bennett gwen bag

And finally on my must-haves list, the Gwen bag (here). I just think that this is beautiful – a real Old Hollywood show-stopper. Love the colours of the leather, love the chain strap, just….ugh. Want it.

L.K. Bennett Online

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