La Vie Est Belle for Lightweights…

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Outwardly, this perfume looks exactly like La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. And it is, though there are a few important tweaks that have been made inside the bottle. This is the lighter, Légère version, perfect for warm days and also (dare I say this?) for those who found the original version a little too overpowering. Personally, I absolutely adore the original I have never had more comments about my fragrance (albeit entirely from men!)  but I know some who consider it to be just a tiny bit too warm and vanilla-y.

The Légère version still has the comforting, warm notes (vanilla, praline, tonka bean) and the heady florals (orange blossom, Iris, jasmine) of the original fragrance, but it seems to just tone everything down a notch and lean ever so slightly towards the muskier, softer notes. I like it a lot – it’s almost like La Vie Est Belle for beginners, or for women who don’t want to fumigate entire train carriages with their scent! (I have to remember not to spray the original one too many times..)

I’d highly recommend giving the new La Vie Est Belle Légère a whirl if you’re at a counter, though if you’re already a fan of the first incarnation I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love this one too. It’s available now and costs £39 for 30ml (limited edition) or £55 for 50ml.

It’s here at

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