Laboratoire Remède UV Coat

I am quite in love with this little product from Laboratoire Remède. It’s just so bloody useful! Now that I have been using it for a while, I can’t quite work out what I did before I had it! It’s a totally light-weight SPF that has just the tiniest hint of colour in it – enough to give your skin a ‘lift’ and a nice bit of sheeny glow, but not enough to provide much coverage. It’s totally oil-free and so just sits on top of your skin like a…well, like a coat! It’s an easy way to wear an SPF if you don’t have one in your usual moisturiser (so many products don’t have an ‘in-built’ SPF, and that’s fine – I appreciate the choice!) and the fact that it just gives this very fine veil of colour makes it the perfect ‘no make-up’ makeup.

This needs a very good shake before using, otherwise you’ll get a load of clear liquid coming out and no colour, but once you’ve done the shakey-shakey with it, it goes on like a dream. It disappears straight into the skin and doesn’t settle into fine lines or creases. I have been testing out the ‘light’ shade, but I think that ‘medium’ would be a nice choice on my skin to warm it up a little during the winter months. It comes in dark and also in an untinted formula, perfect for a simple, oil-free SPF to be applied over your moisturiser.

The UV Coat is £30 but you don’t need too much of this at all – it spreads about very easily, even if you’re like me and just splodge it around in a haphazard manner! It’s a pretty handy little product, this one – great for general city-wear and for those who live in hotter climes who don’t need – or want – to wear lots of separate ‘beauty layers’. To see how the UV Coat in ‘Light’ looks on my skin, there’s a video below where I used it as part of a makeup look!

Laboratoire Remède Translucent UV Coat is £30 from Blissworld.

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