Lancome Les Gris et Teint Miracle (This post is not in French)

lancome les gris l'wrenA bit of French for you, there. But that’s as far as I’m going. I’m reasonably proficient, but it would take me far too long to look up grammatical quirks and word sexes. So we’re in English. A lot less glamorous, because we have phrases such as “cack-handed”, “b*stard” and “bugger up”, but effective nonetheless. Because you will all understand me, non?

Being slightly cack-handed when it comes to the old eyeshadow application, I was totally expecting to bugger up my Aaron de May Les Gris smoky eye. Using the holiday L’Wren palette, I wanted to do a natural, ‘organic’, smoky eye that ‘appeared from within’ a la Aaron de May. I wanted makeup that enhanced my features and looked effortless. I didn’t want to do a full-on drama-queen eye, because I have enough of those at work, and they’re an absolute b*stard to take off (see how I’m getting these quaint British phrases into my copy?!). I wanted a look that I could wear to a casting (in the daytime) and possibly add a little liner to later on in the day to take me into evening.

Watch the video to see what I got up to – the base, by the way, is the truly lovely Teint Miracle. Gives an incredible flawless, radiant finish. I’m sure you must already know this as everyone has been raving about it! The brushes that I use for the eyeshadow application are all from No7, and they are very lovely too. “Bloody marvellous”, I should say.

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