Lanolips 101 Ointment and High-End Healing…

lanolips 101 ointment review

I have a strong and long-lasting love for Lanolips. It’s a high-powered lip-healer that stays put for hours and protects the skin from even the most bitter winter chills. If you’ve ever had cracked nipples, the bleeding sort of chapped nipples that are so painful you can’t even muster up the energy to cry, then you’ll know that lanolin – a waxy, waterproofing substance – is the one saving grace.

And if it can help with cracked nips then it sure as hell can do the trick on cracked lips – I regularly use the nips one (Lansinoh) on lips, though I’ve never used my lips one (Lano 101 Ointment) on nips. Mainly because I like the banana one the most, and I was never sure whether the newborn baby would take to banana flavoured nipples. I mean, would, if I was a baby, but I still drink banana-flavoured Nesquik so my opinion shouldn’t really count for anything.

Also, the banana flavoured 101 Ointment isn’t pure lanolin – it’s got extra bits and pieces added in, like (obviously) banana flavouring and shea butter and beeswax and castor seed oil. If you wanted lips n’ nips covered, you’d need the original 101 Ointment (£10.99 online here) and not one with “added extras”. I’d say, too, that the original is the best version if you do want to treat ragged cuticles and itchy skin and annoying insect bites and so on – there are apparently 101 uses for lanolin (hence the 101 in the name) so it’s much more than just a lip balm.

lanolips 101 ointment review

I digress! Lano have created an exclusive and especially fruity 101 Ointment package for high-end purveyors of fashion, Net-a-Porter. It’s a duo containing a Peach 101 Ointment and a Strawberry one, with the most gorgeous retro packaging. And actually, these Ointments are mostly lanolin with just Vitamin E added along with fruit extract, so fine to use on dry patches and as a nail treatment and so on, if you don’t mind being scented all over…

The duo costs £16 at Net-a-Porter here – and if you like the sound of the banana version (it’s great, it really is, bit more of a sheen than the others) then you can find that at LookFantastic here for £8.99.

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