Luxury Christmas Presents…

ruth crilly christmas gift guide

And now for the “larger and luxury presents” part of the Christmas Gift Guide. Some very tasty morsels in this one, so do have a watch even if it’s just to ooh and aah over everything. No doubt I’ll be doing standalone posts on some of the items, too – I’m especially enamoured with the chest of drawers filled with gorgeous bath oils and also Charlotte Tilbury’s amazing Supermodel Videobox. If you can’t see the video below then please click here to watch.

Small and Affordable Christmas Gifts…

(Dexter update, because I know many of you have been waiting for news: he is finally home. Still quite poorly and with three big holes in his neck (he punctured his oesophagus, then had a serious infection) but wagging his tail and chasing after the cat, so hopefully on the mend. I’m just so absolutely over the moon to have him back.)

In this video I am wearing the ASOS Roll-Neck Christmas Jumper:

Presents Shown:

Star Wars Key Fobs: (these belong to the previous video but I forgot to put them in!)

Jo Malone Cologne Intense Collection, £82:

Aromatherapy Associates Chest of Bath Oils, £55:

Angel Body Cream, £41:

l’Occitane Almond Collection, £49.50:

l’Occitane Shaving Collection: so sorry, I didn’t give this its full due in the video. It contains a razor and brush of extremely high quality and beautifully crafted. This is a properly lovely gift, not just your run-of-the-mill bung-it-in-a-box set! It’s priced to reflect this, too! ; )

Hush Pyjama Set (Winter Plaid) £55:

Charlotte Tilbury Videobox Supermodel Set, £200:

NARS Vault, £330:

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