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Try not to die of shock, people: a few weekends ago, I went camping. Camping. Me, in a tent! Granted, it was the tent shown above, which is a two-bed detached with fitted carpet and enough room to have a dinner party in the ‘atrium’, but still. Me. Camping.

I’m hamming up the ‘spoilt princess’ angle a bit here actually because I am, in fact, not entirely opposed to a spot of camping. I was a ‘keen Girl Guide’ (puke) and I quite like the whole concept of ‘setting up house’ outdoors. There is one big problem that I have with camping, however, and that is the toilet and washroom issue. I am incapable of ‘doing pee-pee’ (let alone anything else) in any place that doesn’t have a porcelain bowl with a u-shaped lid on it. I can’t even go to the toilet over one of those holes in the floor that they have on the continent!

My ideal toilet (sorry if this is too much information) is a Japanese toilet. These have multiple options built in – a warmed seat, a pleasant squirt of water once you’ve flushed…music playing. (That’s not a joke. But what a great idea, before you laugh – how often have you been in a public loo and wished it hadn’t been quite so silent?!)

Anyway, I’ve gone off-piss off-piste with this whole post – my point was about camping and toiletries, so I’ll jump right to it. A few nice little festival kits that I have been trialling for those of you who can’t be bothered to make up your own!


1) The little luxuries bag: SPC Overnight Collection, £30 from SPC


A gorgeous, dainty little pink leather makeup bag containing three decadent rose products (yum) and a kiwi scrub. All of the mini products are in posh glass jars and bottles and the leather bag is brilliant quality. Enough room to fit a toothbrush (just!) and toothpaste, deodorant (roll-on size) and a few more bits and bobs.


2) The large luxuries bag: Elemis Safari Traveller, £79 from FeelUnique


I’ve bored even myself banging on about this vanity case so you’ll have to look up my review for more info. (Do though – it’s amazing!)


3) The lazy-girl’s luxuries: Luxe Festival Kit, £45 from Escentual

I’m not sure that this is the right image for the Luxe Festival Kit as it does in fact contain a bag full of Lancaster sun goodies, but hey-ho. It’s not the cheapest way of getting together a load of travel-sized health and beauty products, but for the lazy-girl it contains absolutely everything you’d need to stay fresh and clean at a festival. It all comes in a drawstring Escentual fabric bag just in case you can’t even be bothered to find a toiletries bag in your cupboard!


4) The Cowshed luxuries: £30 from Cowshed

A cute little selection of gorgeous Cowshed goodies and a spare pair of cotton knickers just in case you happen to have an unexpected accident. (What? A ‘wild night’? Really? So they’re not for if you…..? Oh. OK.)


5) The ‘eco’ option: Aveda’s Fill-ables, £14 from John Lewis

A set of five re-usable containers that actually hold quite a good amount of product – 50ml each for the four bottles and 30ml for the screw-top jar. I know that you can get these bottles in Boots, Primark, Muji, blah-blah-blah, but these are the best, sturdiest ones that I’ve found. They won’t split or crack when you squeeze them/tread on them/drop them all over the floor at airport security. In the long-run, using refillable bottles is by far the best way to create a travel/festival kit – it’s cheaper, easier (no sacrificing favourite products just because you don’t have them in a mini size!) and the kindest to the environment.

Over and out happy campers! (Don’t forget loo roll!)

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