Le Metier de Beauté

This is me, asleep in the middle of Selfridges beauty hall. Not really! I’m just showing of my beautiful eye makeup created by Chelsea, the Texas-based Makeup Maestro who took me on a tour of the new Le Metier de Beauté counter in Selfridges last week. After my introduction to the range (I had heard a lot about the brand before but it’s not a brand that I had ever seen in a makeup artist’s kit-bag) I had  a maquillage session, which was a bit bizarre, what with a zillion shoppers buzzing about the place.

So, the brand: Le Metier products are sleek, chic and feel very grown-up. There are a few ‘fun’ colours dotted about in the range, but in general the feel is very sophisticated – beautiful skin, sultry eyes and perfect plump lips. I found the Kaleidoscope eye and lip kits quite interesting; a pre-selected ‘capsule wardrobe’ of shades to be worn individually or mixed-and-matched as desired. At first I questioned the wisdom of preselecting colours – the pans can’t be swapped and I could imagine customers being turned off purchasing if there was a shade that they hated; but after seeing how the shades worked together, I realised that the Kaleidoscope actually takes away some of the stress of having ‘too much choice’. Many women have loads of eyeshadows that they don’t use – sometimes they’re scared that the colours won’t work together, sometimes the choice is just so huge that deciding on a ‘look’ is too daunting. The Kaleidoscope provides a foolproof selection that are guaranteed to work together. Each Kaleidoscope is priced at £55.

The ‘hero product’ of the night was the Peau Vierge, an anti-aging treatment that’s also a perfecting fluid that’s also a light tinted moisturiser. This fluid gives light coverage and brightens the complexion but also contains a high-strength retinol that doesn’t dry out the skin – the ingredients include a form of vitamin E that protects against the usual side-effects of retinol, including the threat of sun-damage. I really like this product – it’s steep at £90, so you’d have to be working towards that promotion, but it’s a high-performance beauty product that really gives instant results.

metier de beaute

Other products to note; a gorgeous blue-tinted mascara that really made my eyes look bright and intense, and a felt-tipped pen eyeliner with a Mont Blanc nib that was a piece of cake to apply. I’ll have to give the products a bit more of a test-run before I commit them to Model TV, but for now, let’s just say that I’m nicely satisfied. These cosmetics are chic and understated and they seem to perform very well. Half the range on the Liberty’s website is out of stock, so they must be doing something right! Stay tuned for updates…

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