Leighton Denny Crystal Nile File

Leighton Denny Crystal Nile File I have pretty much chucked out all other nail files apart from this one: the Crystal file from Leighton Denny. It’s brilliant! I take good care of my hands and nails, but I don’t obsess over them – I use hand creams once every few days, and when I’m at my desk I massage oil into my cuticles, but apart from that I don’t spend very much time on them at all. Especially not filing. I hate filing – it sets my teeth on edge! Even more so with this glass file from Leighton Denny, because every now and then it ‘squeaks’ across the nail…ugh. Odd start to a recommendation, I know, but bear with me, because apart from the odd squeaky moment, it’s amazing. Files nails down quickly and smoothly, and it definitely feels as though it’s treating the nail more sensitively than if you were sawing away with a piece of sandpaper. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the ’emery board’ unless it’s an emergency!

Nail people: what’s your preference? Glass file or sandpapery file? Get your votes in now!

Leighton Denny’s Crystal File is £12 (or £15 for the large one) from Boots here: http://tidd.ly/737cb718

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