Lierac Diopti Calm and Concentré Mésolift

Hold on to your seats, people – Wonder Products coming up! Not since Sisley’s Flower Gel Mask and Eye Contour Mask have I been so instantly wowed. Lierac’s Concentré Mésolift serum and Diopti Calm Eye Balm and Mask are seriously, seriously good. I have been desperately searching for products that have the same toning and lifting effect as the Sisley mask, but without the very steep price-tag – products that can realistically be used on a daily basis, that don’t have to be ‘saved for best’. Don’t get me wrong here; I adore my Sisley masks, it’s just that I simply can’t afford to slather them on every day.

Lierac’s Concentré Mésolift has an instant toning and tightening effect. The bright orange serum is energising and cooling and feels incredible on the skin first thing in the morning. There’s a high concentration of vitamins and hyaluronic acid in the serum which gives an instantly refreshed look to the skin and helps it to retain moisture throughout the day. The tightening effect is very noticeable – it feels like your face is being ‘lifted’! This is the perfect morning serum to wake up flagging skin and a great alternative to the Sisley Flower Gel Mask as a daily treatment. Firstly, it’s nearly half of the price (!) and secondly, it’s not a mask, so you can apply the next ‘layer’ of your skincare or makeup almost instantly. There’s no sticky or greasy residue with the Mésolift, it leaves the skin perfectly pepped-up and radiant!

The Diopti Calm Anti-Fatigue Eye Balm and Mask is also something of a find; cooling, soothing, calming, it contains a high percentage of refreshing floral waters and can be used to treat sensitive or irritable eyelids. Personally, I have been using it around my undereyes in the morning to get rid of that hollow, dark look that I get when I’m a bit tired or run-down. I tiny bit of product goes a long, long way so be careful when squeezing the cream out from the tube – it’s an ‘oil-paint’ type tube (there’s probably a proper name for that!) with a reasonably wide opening, not a pointed nozzle, so just go easy! This cream can be applied in a slightly thicker layer as a mask which is a nice treat if you’re sat working on your computer and giving your face a makeup-free day! If you need an instant eye ‘fix’ that tightens and brightens skin (but isn’t quite so soothing!) then Sisley’s Eye Contour Mask (£68) really is effective on puffiness and dark circles. One to save for when you’re really struggling to look human.

I think that the Mésolift and Diopti Calm are fantastic – the serum is £39.50 and the eye cream is £17.50. (Or for reduced price see below.)  If this is still a little bit more than you would usually pay for your skin care, then these would be great products to ‘save for best’ – use them when your skin really needs rescuing. If these prices are well within your budget then you might consider using them daily throughout the festive season to keep your skin looking energised and bright!

At FeelUnique the Lierac Diopti Calm is £14.45 HERE! and the Mésolift is £33.55 HERE! Both have free delivery. Bravo!

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