Light Gel Moisturisers for Oily Summer Skin

Do you have oily or combination skin (like me) that can sometimes feel tight and dry on the surface? I hate it when my face feels like that! It’s my constant mission to find nice, light moisturisers that help to hydrate my skin without overloading it with oils. I mean, oils are good, but some of us have plenty of them already, thank you very much! Especially in the summer!

I’ve pulled together a little selection of fresh, light moisturisers that help the skin to stay hydrated but that don’t add excess oil. These would work on all dehydrated skin, but I particularly like them in that time of the month when my skin feels grubby and greasy. They seem to tighten and freshen without adding any heavy layers of product, so perfect for an extra moisture-boost below a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream.

If you have very dry skin then you may find that some of these don’t cut the mustard – the Darphin and Suqqu have extremely nice textures and are a bit more hefty, but they are still a lightweight option when it comes to moisturisers. If you need something instantly effective on very dry skin, take a look at Carita’s Lagoon Cream, Jo Malone’s Vitamin E, Lierac’s Hydra Chrono or the Super Hyper Hydrator. My testers with chronically dry skin give these a huge seal of approval, and I have had great results with them on my dry patches. They all give instant relief to very dry skin without being greasy in the slightest.

On with the video then – I give a very brief review of each hydrating gel or jelly – the Astalift isn’t strictly a moisturiser, it’s more of a “serum in a semi-solid state”, but it was far too pretty and satisfyingly wobbly not to include. Enjoy!

Video Link:

Astalift Jelly: usually £71 but FeelUnique do a trial size (15ml) for £21, if you are desperate to try..


Clinique Moisture Surge:

Clarins Hydra Quench:

Darphin Hydraskin Light:

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel:

Heal Gel:

Lubatti Gorgeous Orange Moisturiser:

Blink Brow Bar Rose Gel:

Suqqu Bounce Barrier Gel Cream:

Sunglasses are from Carrera, a few years back now.

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