Little Skincare Miracles

 This has been one of my most-requested videos ever so I thought I’d post it up for you to see. I have only just posted about Liquid Gold so regular readers will have a head-start with this video, but it’s basically about the two quite significant changes I have made to my skincare routine this summer. Using Glycolic is one of them (again, see Liquid Gold post!) and the other is deep, thorough cleansing on a daily basis. Have a watch, or skip to the product list below the video if you can’t be bothered to sit still for ten minutes!

My skin has always been pretty good (apart from the typical spotty teen years) and so I was quite surprised when it got even better. It has been unbelievably clear, glowy and blemish-free for a number of months now so I would like to categorically state that my ‘tweaking’ of skincare routine has been an official success!

The Cleansers:

Pai Skincare, £25 here:

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser, £23 for 200ml at BeautyBay here: or HQHair here:

NuBo Velvet Cleanser, £28 at BeautyBay here: or FeelUnique here:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, £13.25 from John Lewis online here: or from Liz Earle here:

The Exfoliants:

Alpha-H Liquid Gold, £31.50 from BeautyBay:

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Serum £49 from BeautyBay here:

Filorga Sleep and Peel, £59 from the Apothecary at House of Fraser stores.

Makeup worn in the video:

Origins Vita-Zing SPF15,

Armani Eyes to Kill Shadow Shade No 6,

Prestige Longest Lashes Mascara,

Rimmel Bronzer,

Estee Lauder Concealer,

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