Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover

Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover


I came across this little beauty of a cleanser recently whilst researching products for sensitive skin and then took it away on my camping trip.

Oh, sorry? Did I not mention that I went camping? That I. Went camping?

Funny that. Must be the trauma – you know, when people block out particularly unpleasant experiences? I jest, of course. It was fine. I’ll tell you about it another time…

Back to today’s product; a gentle cleansing water made by Living Nature, a brand who focus on the healing properties of Manuka honey to produce natural, soothing skincare.  Manuka has antibacterial properties, apparently, which would make this cleanser a good one for taking camping or to festivals or anywhere where you might feel a bit dirty and gross! (Vivid flashbacks…)

I have been using it to take off all my makeup, including eye (I don’t use waterproof mascara, so can’t vouch for that one) and it doesn’t sting one little bit. It’s surprisingly effective, actually, considering that it’s so gentle. It has an almost antiseptic smell to it that a tiny few people perhaps won’t like, but I loved it when I was camping. The smell was quite reassuring! (FLASHBACK!)

This makeup remover doesn’t leave my skin dry whatsoever – though I have been testing it in my ‘oily’ week of the month. It would actually be a good choice for skin that is oily and a little sensitive. You don’t get a huge amount in the bottle – 100ml – but it would definitely last you out a fair few festivals and camping trips!

Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover, £9.80 with Free Delivery from FeelUnique here:

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