Liz Earle Haircare: Top Marks!

I have news on the long-awaited haircare range from Liz Earle: I’ve tried it! It’s great!

This range (I say range, but it’s actually just one extremely clever shampoo, and a choice of three conditioners) is a major breakthrough for the very lovely, very passionate people at Liz Earle. They have taken six whole years to develop products that are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of scalps, whilst still performing like professional shampoo and conditioners. Instead of using SLS and SLES in their shampoo, which are foaming agents that are present in the majority of well-known hair cleansing products, they use a cleansing agent derived from coconut. Whilst many scalps are sensitive to SLS and SLES  (which are harsh, and can fade colour), this coconut and plant-based shampoo is suitable for all scalp and hair types, including sensitive, colour-treated and oily.

If you’re thinking that this ‘one size fits all’ shampoo is going to be like one of those awful, watery, non-lathering shampoos that you regret buying from the health food shop, then think again; the natural cleansing agent is also really, really foamy. I had so much lather when I used it this morning that the situation was bordering on ridiculous – the lather filled up my ears, and I went deaf for about fifteen seconds. I had a foam ‘fro that almost touched the ceiling!

If you’re also thinking that it would be impossible that one shampoo could treat all hair and scalp types, then thing again again; because the shampoo doesn’t strip away all the natural oils in your scalp (as some SLS-containing shampoos would) your scalp will keep a healthy, natural balance. I’ve tested the shampoo and conditioner twice, and I’m seriously impressed; the first time, my scalp was quite dry, and the shampoo was very soothing, the second time, this morning, my scalp was really oily (I had products massaged into my hair for about four hours yesterday!) and again, it has been left clean but extremely comfortable.

I really think that this shampoo will be a hit with anyone who is looking for an SLS-free shampoo that has a luxurious lather, and that can be used by everyone in the family. It smells great, but it’s not ‘feminine’ so it doesn’t rule out the man of the house! You only need a little at a time – they say 7ml at Liz Earle, but I’ve been using what I would describe as a tablespoon full. Is that 7ml? I have no idea. Whatever – it lathers amazingly, and it does the job!

The conditioner has been formulated differently for three hair types; oily, normal and dry/damaged. The oily conditioner contains black cohosh and is very light, the normal formula contains meadowform oil that conditions without weighing down the hair, and the dry/damaged contains shea butter to give a really rich and luxurious treatment. I opted for the normal – my hair is probably the only thing about me that is – and it left it pleasantly soft and shiny. It didn’t quite blow me away as much as the shampoo, but that’s because I think the shampoo is so unbelievably clever!

I love the fact that the shampoo won’t fade my semi-permanent colour – I do find that some shampoos strip out my ‘Kennaland Gloss’ quicker than others, and it’s nice to know that this one is helping to preserve rather than destroy! The shampoo and conditioner both come in a 200ml tube and are £7.50 each – the science boffins at Liz Earle reckon you can get 29 washes from each tube so long as you follow the 7ml rule. I think that they’re great value for professional products that literally anyone can use, so top marks Liz Earle, I think that your many fans will find that these products were well worth the wait!

Botanical Shine Shampoo and Botanical Shine Conditioner, £7.50 from Liz Earle. (Get your name down on the waiting-list HERE if you simply cannot wait!)

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