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lk bennett flora shoes

 I’ve been ever so good recently. Ever so, ever so good. I can’t remember the last time I bought something fashion-related – it’s all curtains and wallpaper and “which mixer tap do you like?” at the moment. So it’s almost a shame that I stumbled upon the LK Bennett Autumn sale – it’s far too much temptation for one woman to bear. My Magpie eyes have been feasting themselves on the Flora shoes, above. I quite fancy a pair of shocking green or bright yellow stilettos!

But will they be too high for me? my sensible brain said. ProbablyYou’ll wear them around the house and then trip over the living room rug again and nearly break your neck, and the shoes will never see the light of day. Bloody sensible brain. But then I saw these:

lk bennett florette

and my heart soared. Same kind of shoe, lower heel! And in the brightest, most unladylike colours. Tick tick. My heart wants the Flora and my sensible brain (and part of my heart) want Florete. What do you think? Votes please! The Flora are down to £150 from £250 and the Florete are £100 down from £170. They can all be found here in the sale. (I also love the Nina style, but I have so many pairs of the Idina that I can’t justify buying something similar.)

LK Bennett

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