L’Occitane Lavender Harvest

L'Occitane Lavender Harvest When I was a teenager I used to be obsessed with Lavender. I had room-sprays and sachets and oil-burners galore, all loaded up with the relaxing scent of lavender. I went a bit overboard, looking back – it rather spoilt the smell of lavender for me for the years to come. But after quite a hefty break (ten years!) I am pleased to announce that lavender and I are back on speaking terms. I particularly like l’Occitane’s relaunch of their lavender range – Lavender Harvest. Let’s be totally honest here; there are very few things l’Occitane bring out that I don’t like. This range has quite modern packaging that makes it more ‘unisex’ than many of their other ranges, and the fragrance too is appealing to both men and women.

There are loads of products in the range including a huge bottle of cologne, which I suppose you use as a kind of ‘splash’. I like that idea – very old-fashioned! There’s a bubble bath, soap, loads of bits and pieces. I tested out the Lavender Body and Massage Gel thinking that it would be exactly the same light, cooling texture as the Pivoine Flora version that was released a couple of months ago. I was quite taken aback to find that the consistency is much thicker and heavier – it takes far longer to massage into the skin, which is, I’m guessing, because it has been formulated for massage! An interesting idea, to use a gel as a massage product, and I wasn’t entirely convinced to start off with. It has a very sticky finish that stays around for ages, even when you drop off to sleep, but in the morning your skin is really moisturised. Swings and roundabouts, and it won’t be to everyone’s taste! The bath foam is more of a safe bet if you’re looking for a lavender fix, and I do really like the look of the very cute perfumed sachets to pop into your knicker drawer!

L'Occitane Lavender Harvest

The Lavande range is available now from l’Occitane stores: HERE  (if you spend £35 then you get a very cute set of lavender things, including hand cream, soap, body lotion and shower gel! Use the code ADY22 – September only, I think!)

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