L’Occitane Peony Beauty Powder

peony beauty powderOK, a bit of an indulgence this one. Mostly because it’s a powder puff, and I have never really seen the point of powder puffs – applying powder to the body just seems so old-fashioned…so…pointless. I mean, I can see the point of applying talc to those “hard to reach” places that perhaps get a little “moist”, but only on humans aged under two or over eighty-five. Or on people who have (let’s try and be discreet here) numerous creases, in which they frequently find lost items, such as remote controls, pound coins and family-sized blocks of cheese.

But we’re not talking talc here, no siree! We are talking Peony Powder, a finely milled, soft, shimmery powder that is absolutely talc free. Applied liberally to the chest and shoulders – and wherever else you fancy pouffing – it leaves the tiniest hint of a sparkle and an amazing fragrance. The fragrance is really the only reason why this product has inched its way on to these pages; without the delightful Peony taking centre stage, I would quite simply have written this product off as a small biscuit tin and a (soft, fluffy) powder puff.

I can honestly say that the smell of this powder entirely changes my mood. It does something quite odd to me, transports me to another time. I have no idea where, and I don’t mean that it literally transports me to another time, (because if it did that I think it would be rather more expensive), I just mean that it triggers some kind of emotional memory. Nice. I have taken to keeping my Tin O’ Pouffe on my bedside table so that I can sniff it now and again, and it’s also quite nice to (am I really going to say this?) dab under your boobs after you’ve had a bath or shower. Keep those creases dry, that’s what I say!

This totally indulgent treat costs £22 from L’Occitane.

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