L'Occitane Pivoine Flora

pivoine floraDo you remember I had a slight obsession with a tin of talc? You can read about that HERE. It was l’Occitane’s Peony Powder and I’m still pretty obsessed with it – I dab on the tiniest amount after bathtimes, which is a bit of a waste because it means I go to bed wearing shimmery powder rather than go out wearing it… It’s the fragrance, you see. The smell of peonies – I can’t tell you why I adore the scent so much, I just do! It makes me feel so happy!

Well, lucky old me, because l’Occitane have only gone away and improved their peony scent! It shall now be known as Pivoine Flora, and I have to say that it is a much more sophisticated version. It’s less sickly-sweet and a bit denser – more ‘grown-up’, I suppose you’d say. There’s a whole new range of bits and pieces that have been introduced as part of the Pivoine Flora launch, including a hand-cream, a roller-ball perfume and a selection of cosmetics.

L'Occitane Pivoine FloraI am most excited about the ‘Beauty Cream’ – it’s a very light-textured body moisturiser that’s almost more gel than cream. It feels quite cooling which makes it a great summer product. It comes in a very pretty, very heavy jar which makes me think of a bride getting ready at her dressing table. For some reason. I’m not usually big on ‘body products wot match the fragrance’ but I do make an exception for this one, I think that it’s simply beautiful.

L'Occitane Pivoine FloraPretty nifty roller-ball perfume – good for travelling, or, at £14, good full-stop if you just want a fleeting fling with a fragrance rather than a long-term commitment. (I’m rather proud of that analogy, I shall be wheeling that one out again!) The makeup range is very pretty – gorgeous packaging, and the powders are scented gently with Pivoine Flora, which pleases me greatly. The lipsticks tread the fine line between sheer and creamy – a little more pigment than a tinted balm, but nicely moisturising and easy to use. I like the Healthy Glow face powder which has two quite sandy, dusty-looking bronzer shades that are nice and subtle and – yes – smell of peonies.

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora

If you hate the smell of peonies then this range will obviously be, for you, the olfactory equivalent of sticking your hand in the Kenwood Mixer, but if you love Peony (I do! I do!) you’ll be in your element. All prices and shades and so on can be found HERE on the l’Occitane website. There are two quite tempting deals at the moment; one is a free Pivoine Flora gift-set if you buy the full-sized perfume and one other product, the other (which can’t be combined, I’ve tried it!) is a free Peony Powder (my after-bath joy!) if you spend £35 or over. The codes for these are as follows; for the £20 gift-set, enter PEON11 at the checkout (gift can be viewed HERE), or for the free Peony Powder, enter ADY18. Personally, I think that the free powder is the better offer…but I am biased! You won’t see the powder offer advertised, it’s a special code.



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