London Beauty-Lovers!

london-underground-tube-mapCalling female Londoners between the age of 25 and 55:

1) Do you use a body moisturiser?

2) Are you free on Monday 18th April from 6-10pm?

3) Do you want to make £75 for chatting about beauty?

My friends at Sense (here) in Soho, London, are working on an exciting new project for a major beauty brand and they need to know your thoughts and opinions and the things that engage and inspire you. I have been to a few of these workshop events before and they are really very interesting. They can never stop me talking though, which is probably why I don’t often get invited back. Ha.

Anyway, Sense are looking for a range of women to get involved in the workshop on the evening of the 18th of April – you’ll be given £75 to thank you for your efforts! They’re on a really tight deadline for this, so if you’re interested then register now and enter  ‘A Model Recommends’ or ‘Ruth Crilly’ in the ‘how did you hear about us’ section of the application. You can see all of the details HERE.

I think that these workshops and research groups are always quite a nice way to get your opinions actually heard by the big brands – so often you feel as though you’re just a tiny, irrelevant fish in a huge sea, but this way your likes and dislikes get reported straight back to the people at the top. Nice!

What else would you be doing on a dreary Monday night?!

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