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ren rose bath oil

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? I’m not so keen. In our eleven years together, I don’t think that Mr AMR and I have ever been out on Valentine’s night – it brings up dreaded images of restaurants filled with heart-shaped balloons, “special romance” menus atop each table, people staring at each other awkwardly over congealed plates of penne carbonara. So we stay in. It’s possible we might cook something special or share a bottle of wine, but (and I hate to admit it) mostly we completely forget that VD (unfortunate initialling there) is even happening.

And so this post is dedicated to nice little gifts that you can buy yourself to mark the Day of Lurve. Rose-scented things, heart-shaped things, things that will make you look vampy and hot. Skip the crappy cupid-themed meal, save the fifty-odd quid and treat yourself to something luxe. Obviously if there’s someone else to consider, get them something too – I’m afraid I know not what for a man, though Mr AMR just suggested “torch”, so that could be a starting point. (Torch obsessed.)

I must apologise, before we go any further, for the dubious-sounding title that I’ve plumped for. The first half sounds like the title for a terribly written erotic novel and the second sounds like something that Borat would say. I tend to write my titles last, when I’m tired and the bath has run and I just want to turn the computer off. Must try harder: note to self.

valentine gift ideas

Anyway, Sexytime Gifts. I’ve rounded up some pretty lovely stuff and I’ve squashed it all lovingly into a ten-ish minute video. Please do have a watch – there’s loads of rambling, but at one point I pour hot candle wax onto my hands, so that has to be worth a few minutes of your time. (About that: please, if you are using the massage candles, blow them out before you pour! The oils should be warm and not hot. There’s a more in-depth review of the massage candles going up this weekend.) What else? I particularly like part with the Boux Avenue bra (above)- what a great shape! And the ILA Spa candle (below) is just divine – if you ever wanted a heady, sensual candle to create a little spa treatment area then this is ideal. Utterly sumptuous.

valentine gift ideas

Click here to watch the video if you’re reading via email – all of the product links are below. Let me know your own thoughts on “Valentine’s Day” in the comments. Have Mr AMR and I been judging it unfairly and too harshly? Or is it really a mass of moustached men trying to sell you red roses? I need to be kept up-to-date on all of this. Inform me of your plans!

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil:
REN Rose Bath Oil :
Balance Me Rose Body Wash:
YSL Majestic Rose (health warning: this is REALLY expensive!)
Roger & Gallet Rose Imagninaire:
Too Faced Heart Face Beads: http://
Illamasqua I’m the One set:
ILA Spa Candle:
NEOM Candle, LOVE:
Oskia Massage Candle:
Janjira Massage Candle: http://
Boux Avenue Henrietta Bra:

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