Low-Key Festive Makeup

By the time you’re on your third hangover in a row, the motivation to apply a full face of glitter kind of disappears. So from yesterday’s cheap bling, we go to a more sophisticated look. I’m not talking about evening makeup here, by the way. I’m talking about the kind of daytime makeup that we all imagine we’ll be applying every morning, before coming down the stairs to greet the parents/siblings/long-lost Uncles who have been sleeping in the spare room and who, inexplicably, feel they have to get up at 5am every day and start clanging around in the kitchen. (Whoa. Long sentence. Must dot some short ones in. Oh. I am.)

Yes, the makeup ‘situation’ I speak of is the ‘Morning Groom’. The Morning Groom, or MG, should leave you looking a little fresh and polished, but not ‘done up.’ After finishing the MG, there should be absolutely no ‘well-meant’ exclamations of “you look tired dear! Did you get any sleep?” or, “feeling rough, are we?” Equally, nobody should be raising their eyebrows at the brightness of your lipstick, or the sexiness of your smoky eyes. We’re talking polished, a bit glowy, a teeny, tiny bit sexed-up, and then….stop.

The MG should take just a few minutes – if you’re hungover, then there are a couple of videos that might help, see 5 Minute Rescue or Party Skin. Do try and pay a little attention to your skin rather than just slapping on a big thick layer of foundation – it’s worth the effort, and you’ll be less likely to break out into spots. I’ve kept the makeup light and fresh in the video, but seriously – if you feel you need that extra bit of help, foundation wise, then go for it. I filmed this with five non-drinking days behind me, so it’s not as though I was looking particularly rough. I hope. With a stonking hangover, I’d certainly not think twice about using some nice dewy foundation!

Products: Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, £32 from Space NK. Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic, £28 from Boots. Le Metier de Beauté Precision Liquid Liner, £25 from Selfridges. Lancome Matte Black Shadow, from Les Gris palette, Nars Blush in ‘Sex Appeal’, £19.50 from Liberty. St Tropez Skin Illuminator, £15 from HQHair, Estee Lauder Lip Gloss in Star Ruby, £15 from House of Fraser.

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