Luxury Candle Sets: Not For Sharing

bella freud candle set christmas

Some great candle sets for you here; but don’t think you can start divvying them up into little individual stocking fillers. Oh no. These were not made for sharing: they are little boxes of pure, selfish candle indulgence, each fragrance carefully chosen so that you have a kind of “scent experience” going on*.

jo malone travel candle collection

Take, for example, the Jo Malone Scented Travel Candle Collection, £64 here. There’s a classic Blackberry & Bay candle and then two scents that are more festive – Roasted Chestnut and Pine & Eucalyptus. Pine could be burnt now, to get into the Christmas spirit, then warm Roasted Chestnut to take you through the New Year and finally, once the tree has been packed away and you’re sat feeling glum in a sea of debris, Blackberry & Bay to lift the spirits.

christmas candle gifts

I’ve already raved about the Votive Set from Miller Harris (£75 here); three beautifully seasonal candles, all very evocative of Christmassy things. Deep and smokey, green and figgy or warm and woody – I can’t decide which of the “Stars” I like best, so I’ve had all three burning at once. Works for me.

cire trudon odeurs d'hiver

Odeurs d’Hiver from Cire Trudon (£160 here): this set is best if you truly can’t decide on one scent from their seasonal collection, because the price per gram of candle isn’t competitive when you look at the great whopping amount of wax you get in their standard versions! But what a beautiful gift this would make – three candles, Melchior, Gabriel and Gaspar and three absolutely amazing scents. Smokey, woody, spicy, musky and with hits of rose and jasmine and citrus and myrrh. They are properly mind-transporting.

diptyque christmas holiday candles set

Another trio: the Diptyque Holiday Candle Set, £80 here. I’ve already rejoiced at the return of Oliban, which is one of my favourite Diptyque scents to ever have been produced, but the other two are equally wintery and beautiful. These would easily see you through a whole fortnight of Christmas entertaining!

bella freud candle set christmas

And lastly, the only thing that could possibly be better than three luxury candles: four luxury candles. This set of small Bella Freud candles (£70 here) is incredibly cool – if you’re not into festive chintz or wintery bling then these will look good all year round. Ginsberg is God is my favourite: a fresh, green scent of tomato and fig that smells just like my Grandad’s greenhouse did when I was small.

*(Disclaimer: obviously you can split the sets if you want to, it’s your call. But that ruins my opening gambit, so keep it quiet.)

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