Mad Pets, Lots of Shoes and my Oasis Spotty Blouse.

oasis spotted blouse

I think that this spotted blouse from Oasis is probably one of the best things I’ll buy this spring. (I know it’s not actually spring yet, but fashion works in mysterious (stupid) ways, forcing us to buy bikinis when it’s snowing and so on and so forth.) But anyway, the blouse; it’s just gorgeous. The cut is exactly the same as the one on my bird-print blouse that I picked up at Oasis last year (or year before that, even?), in that it’s slim-fitting but not restrictive, boob-skimming but not tarty. I actually prefer this blouse to the bird one because it has a softer feel and the colour is so easy to wear…

model oasis spotted blouse

You can see me prancing about in the spotted blouse if you watch my latest video, embedded for your pleasure on this very page. (If you’re on email, you’ll need to click here, but not until you’ve finished reading my words.) Also in this week’s video; my new shoes from L.K. Bennett (yes they were as brilliant as I’d hoped), a kimono from ASOS that I’m not at all sure about and some Whistles French 65 shoes that I like but will have to wait for, as I was sent the wrong size. Animal lovers can ignore the fashion altogether and just watch a dog and cat having a play-fight…there’s something for everyone in this little video, I tell you!

ruth crilly oasis blouse asos kimono

Going back to the kimono – please tell me your opinions on it before 11am, because that’s when the ASOS Premier man is coming to pick up my returns. Hopefully he’ll drop off my sale order at the same time – I’ve been picking up nice little bargains – there’s an extra 15% off the ASOS sale if you use the code FINAL15 here. I’m pretty sure the kimono will be going back, though. I just can’t see when I’ll wear it. I want to be the type of person who’d wear it, but I just don’t think I am. I already have an Issa one that needs to be worn – it’s currently hanging on the back of my beauty room door, making me feel nauseous and guilty every time I lay eyes on it…

OK, watch the vid. Report back. Links to the stuff shown can be found below – if the Oasis blouse goes out of stock then I can tell you that they did have quite a few at the Debenhams on Oxford Street. Oh, also, there’s a video coming out in a few days with a “tutorial” on the makeup look that I’m wearing. (I hate the word tutorial – I just bang the makeup on with random brushes and lots of enthusiasm – but I have to use some kind of descriptive label for what I do.) If you can’t wait, then here’s a preview: Body Shop eyeshadow, Charlotte Tilbury skin products and lipgloss Volupté from YSL…

Fashion Shown:

 (15% extra off at ASOS, code FINAL15, use here:

T-Shirt (Sorry for Partying) Milly NY

Knitted Gilet: Nicole Farhi, circa 2005?

Spotted Blouse, Oasis: or at

Orange Converse, sale ASOS:

Whistles French 65 Court Shoes:

LK Bennett Jennie Black + White Court Shoes:

UGG Savoie Boots:

ASOS Kimono Cardigan:

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