Madara Deep Moisture Gel – for Oily skin!

This moisturising gel has to be one of the most refreshing products that I have ever tried! For very oily skins, it’s an absolute dream. Not only does it tighten pores and help to reduce shine, it delivers all of the moisture that your skin needs!

You would think that ‘deep moisture’ would be the very last thing that you’d want for greasy skin, but actually, all skin needs moisturising after cleansing; it’s the type of product that you use that makes all the difference. Obviously you wouldn’t want to go adding a load of oil to an already oily skin, which is why Madara’s Deep Moisture Gel is oil-free.

It’s extra light, very fluid and totally refreshing upon application, sinking easily into the skin, leaving it cool and ever so slightly tight. This gel is intended for daytime use, because there’s a separate product for night, but I have used it a few times before bed (in fact, I have a skincare video coming up where I do exactly that!) and if you’re somewhere very hot, or you really are having an oil-slick nightmare, then this gel is perfect!

Great under makeup, it really helps to close up visible pores and blot away excess grease so that you’re left with a drier, more presentable base to work with. This is definitely one to have on standby if you suffer from Oil Disaster Days! Team with the Tinting Fluid that I video-reviewed last week, and you’re all set for a non-greasy day! By the way; Madara products are totally natural, so there won’t be any nasty surprises!

Madara Deep Moisture Gel, £23 from LoveLula online, or the Beauty Lounge, Kingly Court in London.

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