Madara Tinting Fluid

My hunt for a new tinted moisturiser took a new turn last month, when Nuz Shugaa (my skin guru and facial guardian angel!) recommended that I try Madara’s Tinting Fluid.

Madara is a range of beauty products (skin, hair body) that is entirely natural and organic. No nasty surprises in any of their formulas, they’re gentle and kind on the skin and, because of the absence of harsh chemicals and ‘hidden’ ingredients, you won’t get any adverse reactions or sensitivity.

The Madara Tinting Fluid is a very light, quick-drying fluid that offers the same coverage as a tinted moisturiser, without having the heavier moisturiser ‘feel’. It just glides on and seems absolutely weightless! I have tested out this fluid quite extensively (I used Sun Flower but there’s also a lighter shade called Moon Flower) and it has great staying power, but above all is just a lovely way to get coverage without actually feeling as though you’re wearing makeup!

The formula gives a great sunkissed glow and is easy to apply. Work with it quickly because it dries fast, but mistakes are easily rectified with a little moisturiser worked in. On the topic of moisturiser; if you have dry skin, you’d need to use a moisturiser underneath the Fluid, but if you get oily days, like me, this is a wondrous product to use on its own.

Watch the video to see the effect and how easy it is to use! You can get Madara on the internet from loads of places, including Ecorium and So Organic, and if you’re in London, pop down to The Beauty Lounge and grab some! It’s £21.50 for 50ml, and lasts forever.

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