The Makeup Artist Brow Tutorial…

eyebrow shaping tutorial

I asked top makeup artist Caroline Barnes (you all know Caroline by now – if you don’t then click back to our previous videos first) to sort out my brows. Pluck them, shape them, lift them and then, after the “sorting”, do something a little more dramatic. Good eyebrows are a thing of beauty, but I have to say that in recent years the trend for these perfect, painted on, sharp-arched Instagram-brows has really put me off doing anything with mine. I’ve barely even been plucking them, such has been my instinct to rebel.

But I could tell, actually, that the shape of my eyebrows was starting to go off on one and I needed to get them back on track before they pulled my eyes down and made me look even more tired than I am. Which is really tired. So tired, in fact, that I couldn’t trust myself to pluck the right hairs from my face and so Caroline very kindly offered to do it for me. So here, people, is the makeup artist’s guide to doing your brows. Or rather doing my brows. But the method’s the same for everyone, as you’ll see…

Caroline’s Instagram:… – Youtube always shortens this link and makes it weird! If you have to search manually it’s carolinebarnesmakeup xx

HD Brows Powder Palette shade used is Medium Blonde:

Wunderbrow in Blonde:

Elnett Hairspray

Brush is from Anastasia Beverly Hills:

My t-shirt is an old one from Maje. “What, this old thing?” I love it.

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