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Ikea Fira Makeup Storage Solution I nearly had heart failure when I saw that the “Fira” storage units were back in stock at my local Ikea! They famously discontinued them a while ago (to much sobbing and wailing from their customers) but it seems that they are introducing them again ! They have renamed the chests “Moppe”, but they are pretty much exactly the same as before.

I already have a couple of different versions of the Fira and they are just brilliant for keeping makeup in. I can spend hours sorting lip glosses into drawers and going through my eyeshadow palettes! You can paint the unfinished wood, you can stain it then varnish it for a glossier finish, or you can choose to decorate more elaborately. Just Google Image “Ikea Fira” and you’ll see loads of variations. Because I’m time-poor, mine just look exactly as the one in the picture does – plain and boring – but when I get a spare thirty-two seconds I’ll be sure to give them a once over with the Dulux One-Coat!

The version above is £16.99 but there are smaller, cheaper versions. If you’re not into makeup storing, then you can use these drawer units for odds and ends, kitchen spices, first aid oddments, anything really. In no time at all, you’ll find that you’ve collected whole Moppes full of absolute crap!

Here’s the Moppe online: – check out the four drawer version, too.

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