Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm

Mama Mio OMega Wonder-Full Balm OK, I really like this stuff. I have been on a balm-testing mission over the last year or so (it’s an ongoing thing!) and the Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm is one of the best yet. By balms, I’m not referring to ‘lip’ balms but treatments that are more multipurpose, that have been designed to be used on all kinds of scrapes and ailments. (Recent reviews have included the Egyptian Magic and the Antipodes balms, and there’s also the well-known Liz Earle version and the Trilogy ‘all over’ balm, to name just a few.)

One of the biggest reasons for loving Mama Mio’s version is that it comes in a pump-action dispenser. Halle-bloody-lujah! I can’t begin to tell you how cross I was getting with sticking my paws into tins and jars – it’s OK the first few times but you do begin to wonder how much dirt is being transferred into the balm. Anyway, this formula is brilliant. One tiny little push on the top of the dispenser and you have enough for lips, a harder push and you have enough for heels and cuticles. The smell is subtle but distinctly orange-y (no bad thing) and the moisturising benefits are plentiful.

Just a thought: lip balm really is one of the biggest rip-offs, is it not? You get the tiniest amount of product in a lip balm – even if it only costs a fiver you’re still not getting as much value-for-money as you do with one of these big multi-purpose balms. And they contain just about the same ingredients. Food for thought?

Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm is £19 with free worldwide delivery from

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