Marc Jacobs Lipsticks: The New Nudes

marc jacobs new nudes sheer gel lipstick review

Well these are a sight for sore eyes, aren’t they? I can’t get enough of the packaging for the Marc Jacobs New Nudes sheer gel lipsticks. It’s unbelievably cool; chic, but at the same time a bit chunky and retro. The casing is the kind of nude shade that would look equally at home moulded into a sixties plastic picnic set as it would on the catwalk, and I love the raised metallic logo and the round button at the base.

marc jacobs new nudes sheer gel lipstick review

The lid and base are magnetised, which is quite pleasing – it feels reassuringly expensive when they click into place – but the packaging is all still relatively lightweight and (can’t believe I’m about to use this word) fun.

marc jacobs moody margot

I have two shades, Anais and Moody MargotAnais, pictured above on the left, and on my face below, is the kind of warmish nude that looks polished and ladylike and it’s brilliant for those who want a nude shade but don’t like to look as though their lips are disappearing.

ruth crilly a model recommends

For those who do like to look as though their lips are disappearing (you know what I mean by that, don’t you? When the colour sort of matches your skin? Not disappearing through thinness or – er – magic) there’s Moody Margot, below.

ruth crilly a model recommends

It’s pretty pale, but somehow still quite easy to wear. Perhaps because it has a bit of a sheen and juiciness to the finish. It’s not like wearing a concealer shade, so you don’t need to ramp it up with a crazy smokey eye and false lashes and all of that jazz, but it’s light enough to give a beautiful neutral-toned look to the face.

The “gel” texture is interesting; a sleek sheen that’s almost glossy but has no tackiness and a comfortable, hydrating feel. It’s not as light and fresh as I was expecting (for some reason I had it in my head that there would be a cooling effect!) but my lips are on the dry side, so it’s actually a relief that it feels more nourishing.

You can find the whole Marc Jacobs makeup range at Harrods and Sephora – the gel lipsticks are £24 here.

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