Marni Rose: The Dolly Purse Spray

marni rose doll purse spray perfume

Oh, oh, OH! This little purse spray came through the letterbox and I couldn’t believe how cute it was with its dolly bottle and cool packaging and then, as if things could get any better, I caught a whiff of the fragrance and it was MARNI ROSE! One of my favourite fragrances of the year; beautifully delicate and old fashioned but at the same time slightly masculine and dangerous. You know, if you read regularly, that I love a “dangerous rose” fragrance – that fruitiness and spiciness that you get when you mix warm, woody and musky notes with true, fresh rose. It can be exotic and heady or surprisingly feminine, but it’s always interesting.

War of the Roses: Marni vs Jo Malone… 

marni rose doll purse spray perfume

You can read more about my thoughts on Marni’s Rose eau de parfum if you click here, but I do think that it’s a winner if you love a fruity, full-bodied rose. This has raspberry and cassis as well as the Rose Absolute and Bulgarian Rose, and there’s a gorgeous musky undertone with a sexy hint of cedarwood and patchouli. This little purse spray version would make a wonderful Christmas present with its Bambolina doll styling and cardboard outer tubes – there’s something rather playful and childlike about it and it’s very different to most of the usual Christmas offerings. I’m not sure how long this version is going to be about for, but it has 10% off at until tomorrow, making it £22.50 instead of £25, with free delivery. Full details here – use the code ESCENTUAL10 to claim the discount.

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