Massage Candles: Do Not Share

janjira treatment candle review

Now here’s a concept that on paper seems completely unessential: a candle that, when melted, doubles up as a massage oil. It’s probably not something that you’ve ever considered to be missing from your life, but let me tell you: massage candles are pretty amazing. It’s the most pleasant and indulgent way to apply a body moisturiser, if you discount the remote possibility that one day Ryan Gosling might have a spare hour on his hands and decide that massaging you with body oil is just what he fancies doing. The candle wick melts the soybean and coconut oils, which are infused with beautiful natural fragrances. You then pour the melted oils onto your skin (it’s advisable to blow out the flame and then let the oils cool for a few seconds, though I poured with the flame alight and lived to tell the tale) and massage in as you would a body oil.

I like body oils, but I do find that unless you warm them in your hands first, it’s all a bit of a faff. Why not let a candle do the work? Genius!

luxury candle review

The Oskia Rose de Mai massage candle is one that I’ve tested before; it has the most delicate scent and the moisturising effects are long-lasting. The Janjira one is new to me, but has a lighter scent that’s an unusual olfactory mix of citrus and floral. Great for a mind-pep.

I know that there’s an irony to the fact that I wrote a post for candle-phobes mere days ago and yet now I’m advocating the use of a candle that you apply to your body. But there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly hazardous about these treatments – the flame doesn’t need to burn for very long at all to get enough oil for arms, chest and tummy, though I do wonder at how much of the candle you’d need to destroy to cover your legs, back and bottom too. If it’s half a candle then it’s not going to be the best value-for-money treatment!

I’m guessing that many will think of these as some kind of romantic aid, and to that I have one thing to say: DO NOT WASTE YOUR CANDLE ON SOMEBODY ELSE. Sod romance – this is primetime luxury beauty we’re talking here! If you must share, make sure you get massaged first and then conveniently fall asleep as he/she gets to your toes.

The Janjira candle is £34 here, the Oskia is £34.50 with free worldwide delivery here. The cheeky lady peering out in the background of the photos is actually a Fornasetti candle – you can find this one here. Incredibly good, are Fornasetti, and the ceramic jars are decorative pieces of art in themselves.

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