Massive Avon Giveaway! (CLOSED)

**UPDATE: the winner of this prize is “ANDREEA A” who has been contacted by email! Well done Andreea! xx**

To celebrate their 125th Anniversary, Avon have recreated one of their first ever fragrances – Little Dot. Originally, in 1886 (!), Little Dot was a gift set of floral essences created by Avon’s founder, David H McConnell, given to women to encourage them to buy his books. When the fragrances were more popular than the books, McConnell decided to turn his hand to beauty – and look what a roaring success that was! I always feel a little bit sad when people aren’t around to see just how massive their success story has become, but I’ll forgive David because he’d be so ridiculously old by now that he’d no doubt be doing odd things like talking to the refrigerator and using his shoe as a telephone! (Things that I sometimes find myself doing now, at 30 – there’s really no hope for me.)

avon cologne vintage

So Little Dot really is a true celebration of Avon’s history. A recreation, but very special nonetheless. Goodness – imagine if they actually recreated the original bottle – now that really would be something else, wouldn’t it? Oh hold on – THEY HAVE! Especially for one of my readers – yes, one of my very own A Model Recommends readers!- Avon have made a perfect copy of the original Little Dot from 125 years ago! I’m quite, quite jealous of whoever wins this! As well as the Little Dot prize, the winner will receive an Avon hamper packed full of goodies – Avon’s bestsellers, my favourites (can’t wait to pick those out for the winner!) and three of the winner’s top Avon products that they’d love to try. Sorry, but is that a brilliant giveaway or what?!

Entry is open to every reader and follower worldwide- Youtube, Google Friend Connect, Email Subscriber, Facebook Fan, Twitter Follower – you just need to tell me how you follow me because I will be a-checking! Here are the entry requirements:

1) ONE entry per person by leaving a comment on this post with the following bits from below included:

a) Your email where it prompts you for one in the form (only I can see it if you put it in the right place!)

b) The way in which you follow me

c) The top three products that you’d love to try from Avon – browse AVONSHOP for ideas (that link will open a new window so you can browse and fill in your comment at the same time!)

2) A winner will be drawn at 12pm GMT (noon) on Friday

3) The winner will be picked at random using the sophisticated ‘number randomizer’ method and the winner will be contacted by email for their delivery address

4) It would be much appreciated if the winner would send in a picture of the recreated Little Dot bottle so that I can ooh and aah over it, but it’s not strictly a requirement!

That’s it – GOOD LUCK!

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