MD Formulations Moisture Defence Antioxidant Spray

MD Formulations Moisture Defence Antioxidant SprayI harped on about ‘water in a can’ not so long ago – these facial spritzes that are either just mineral water, or just extremely expensive normal water with a few added drops of essential oil. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the ‘water-in-a-can’, per se, but if you’re going to spend some dosh on one then it’s nice to know that it’s actually doing something. So in order to add to my previous spritz recommendations, I have been spritzing and spraying my face as I sit for hours on end in front of this computer screen. The latest discovery of fantastic proportions is the MD Formulations Moisture Defence Antioxidant Spray. MD Formulations is something of a professional skincare brand, with many of the ranges (ideally) to be prescribed by a therapist or dermatologist. You can’t go far wrong, though, with the  Moisture Defence Antioxidant Spray – pH balanced, allergy tested, fragrance free, it restores moisture levels and helps to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier, thus protecting it from the onslaught of today’s environmental beauty hazards.

I like it – no love it – a lot. The spritzer itself isn’t the most delicate of sprays; there’s no fine misting to be done, and you’re likely to get some in your hair, but it really does have a good moisturising effect. Which would make it perfect to take on a plane, if it didn’t have the same volumetric content as Lake Michigan, but I suppose you can always decant! This spray reminds me a little of Dermalogica’s Multi Active Toner except that it looks to be a far more sophisticated formula. More expensive, but well worth the extra, I think. It can be used under or over makeup, as a toner or a refresher, a pre-cursor to moisturiser or as a final setting spray when all else is done.

Top marks! MD Formulations Moisture Defence Antioxidant Spray is £27.25 delivered from BeautyBay here!

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