Melvita Algascience Body Scrub – Immense.

This is a product that I absolutely could have sworn I had featured ages ago. I would have put money on it. I do hope that I’m not repeating myself – if anyone finds a post with it in, let me know! Actually, this product is well worthy of a repeat mention, so if this is “take two” then so be it. Melvita’s Algascience Body Scrub is – as the title declares – immense.

You know when you just find body scrubs to be a bit of a faff? When you can’t be bothered to catch all the salty clumps that fall off into the shower tray and you don’t have time to spend either collecting them up or poking them down the plughole with your toe? Well in the event that you’re looking for a no-faff scrub, Melvita’s your man. Or lady. I’m not sure which sex Melvita is “of”, really.

The Algascience scrub has been knocking about for a while, and I am nearly finished on my first tube – I have used it loads! (Which is why I really do think I’ve reviewed it before…) It has the perfect stick-to-you texture that means the scrub never slides or falls off, there’s no wastage and it’s easy to really get going with the massaging action. It’s also quick to rinse away – the scrub particles seem to dissolve before you even get to the rinse stage if you scrub away vigorously enough!

As a skin-polishing treatment, the Algascience is excellent, but there’s an extra, too. The entire Algascience range has been formulated to accelerate the process of draining away toxins and excess water which in turn should have some kind of positive effect on your bod. I know that everyone is always very sceptical about anti-cellulite products, but I bloody love them! Slap it all on, is what I say, everything helps when you’re faced with a swimwear shoot in front of thirty-three French clients.

The latest product to launch into the Algascience range is the Contouring Serum – this can be used after the scrub (OUT of the shower, people, OUT of the shower!) to really boost firmness and tone the skin. It contains the unfortunately named Fucus which helps to firm tissues and improve elasticity. Haven’t given this serum a proper test yet, but I can tell you that it’s light and non-sticky and has a gorgeous cooling effect upon application.

You can follow that with the Melvita Slimming Oil if you wish. Now I know for definite that I’ve reviewed that, so I’m off for a few minutes to search for it – otherwise I’ll think I’m going bonkers!




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Melvita Algascience Scrub is £16 from with free worldwide delivery. I’ll review the serum properly once I’ve given it a good test, but you can find more details on the Melvita Website.

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