Must-Have Candle of the Season (with hidden bugs!)

michael angove

It takes quite a lot to get me excited about a candle but this new release from Jo Malone is really worth taking a look at. It’s from the new home collection that’s been created in collaboration with the talented wallpaper and textile designer, Michael Angove. If you’ve never seen Michael’s work before then do a little Google – his designs are incredible. He starts each one with a real flower or plant and then he recreates them in meticulous detail, adding his own touch of magic along the way. It’s so far from the traditional “country garden” print that you so often see – this is true artistry, with an amazing attention to colour and texture. I’ve posted some examples of his work below – you can buy his designs on wallpaper, wall murals and even ceramic tiles and window blinds.

blackberry and bay candle angove

But back to the candle. Jo Malone went with their Blackberry & Bay scent for this (the room diffuser is in Orange Blossom) and I think that it’s the perfect choice. There’s something very unusual about Blackberry & Bay  – it’s not your run-of-the-mill home scent, there’s something a bit spicy and mischievous about it. I’m not hugely enamoured to it as a body fragrance (though I may be changing my mind, after smelling this!) but as a home scent it is warm and comforting and clean and just about everything that you might want your house to be. On his blog, Michael calls Blackberry & Bay his “rosey cheeks and mittens” scent, “young, fresh and colourful”. He says that he wanted the wallpaper design for the jar to really illustrate the “layered interest of the British Countryside” and also, interestingly, that within the design there are hidden butterflies and praying mantis and beetles!

Michael’s designs are filled with butterflies and insects – take a look at this wallpaper – it’s called The Rose: Red Velvet. At first glance you don’t really notice the wildlife…

wallpaper floral print

…but there are almost more butterflies than there are flowers.

michael angove red velvet rose print

michael angove red velvet rose print

michael angove red velvet rose print

Isn’t it beautiful? You can take a look (and buy) all of the incredible designs here at Surface View. If you’re into your interior design and want something spectacular then do take a look, but the Blackberry & Bay candle is a perfect introduction to Angove’s designs and it’ll make your house smell amazing! Grab it while it’s around, I can’t imagine that this range will sit about on the shelves for long. You can find it online at Selfridges here – £42.

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