Miss Merx’s Mobile Nails

Last week I had my nails done AT HOME by Miss Merx. What a treat to have your nails done in the privacy of your own home! I don’t really like sitting in a salon with my feet in a washing-up bowl and quite honestly, I rarely have the time to spare to go anyway. Facials, hair colour, body treatments, massages – yes (though massage in my own home would also be ideal!), but nails? No. I have pretty OK hands and find that I can go a year or so without needing an overhaul, but my feet do tend to need a little extra care. I think that doing your own pedicure is almost impossible – feet are more awkward to reach, and you need to soak them properly and then work up a sweat with the old foot-file. It’s a LOT of hassle!

Nice, then, to have my tootsies seen to in the comfort of my own living room. I now have beautifully neat and shiny nails and my skin is smoother and softer – and I didn’t even have to set foot outside my front door. That’s something I could seriously see happening again. It’s easier to fit in an hour’s pedicure appointment when there’s no travel time involved!

Londoners, have a look at Miss Merx’s treatment menu – she covers most areas and also Hertfordshire.

Non-Londoners will have to make do with my pedicure hypnotherapy:  visualise your pedicure and it shall be done. Look into my eyes – in them, not around them – your feet are beautiful and smooth, your nails are….red? You don’t want red? Pink! You have pink nails, your cuticles are trimmed, you have a slightly achey arse from sitting in the same position for too long. That’ll be wtenty quid, please…

**twenty quid, rather.**

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